On Fehmarn With Backpack And Tent (1/2)

Ever since having spent two weeks camping on Fehmarn the “island of sunshine” has been tempting me to go for a longer walk near its shores. Now, finally, I have enjoyed three days of sunshine, exercise and the Baltic Sea.

For quite a while I had nurtured the thought of hiking on Fehmarn, well known for its very sunny and mild climate. When the chance of a long weekend away from kids and family came up I immediately cancelled everything showing up in the calendar and started packing.

hiking on Fehmarn - route of my three day trip
hiking on Fehmarn – route of my three day trip

“Do you really think this is a good idea?”, was one of the questions in my direction. The background to this doubtful asking: My gear was way too heavy for one person (e.g. tent for three people – but I love having that space), temperatures were increasing steadily, and Achilles tendons on both feet still troubled me seriously. Same as the broken little toe on the left foot. Ah well, they’ll be safe in the hiking boots, I thought…

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Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage

A small island of happiness, a quiet spot, a personal retreat, a place of basic but light-hearted living: some friends’ summer cottage in Denmark.

summer_cottage_denmark_beach_skovmoseNo dishwasher, small shower, no bath, limited heating, sometimes really cold at night. That’s one side of the story. The positives, however, outweigh this many times over. Fresh air all day long, the Baltic Sea less than 100 metres away. 1.000 square metres of garden, green, flowers, trees, birds, rabbits and other wildlife. Twenty minutes before dinner you can still go for a short swim. The good night drink(s) you can have in the more than cosy wooden summer cottage, in the garden or on the beach – phew, choices to be made! Continue reading “Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage”

Crashtest Dehler 31

Is fiberglass (or glass-reinforced plastic, GRP) really suited for cruising yachts? What about those submerged obstacles potentially damaging the boat beyond repair while under way? Quite a few years ago a Dehler 31 had deliberately been put in major agony, needing to cope with all sorts of floating menaces.

This video I have watched so many times already. I am still excited about the Dehler 31’s behaviour and how she handled everything thrown at her. For a brief overview, here are the film’s main characters, in order of appearance:
– Dehler 31 (protagonist, getting in trouble with all the other film characters)
– steel barrel, 200 l (1x)
– trunk (1x)
– steel platform, 1,5 t (4x)
– stone mole (yes – mole! 3x; starting at minute 4:03)
– speed: 6,5 knots.

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BSPE2 – Energy Project Initiated

The budget nowhere near being covered. Showstoppers all over the place. Support and timeline on very shaky grounds. This just sounds like the ideal project for me! The topic is twofold: self-sufficient power supply on yachts (including e-motor), plus view of renewable energy projects along the coasts of the Baltic Sea.

How did I come up with the idea for such a project? It was the initial project a couple of years ago, “baltic sea. pure energy.” (website in German).

It is more than just appealing not needing to rely on external power sources on a yacht (including an e-motor). Also, I wanted to check out the status and progress of renewable energy projects all around the Baltic Sea. What has happened since then? Can it be applied to larger yachts for the ordinary yacht owner as well? How are the renewable energy projects doing five years later? Are new ones all over the place or has enthusiasm died off? Continue reading “BSPE2 – Energy Project Initiated”

Nothing But Fun Sailing A Dehler 31

On a sunny afternoon in May 2014 it got a little crowded in a Dehler 31’s cockpit. That was, however, exactly what we had in mind. It was the start of a wonderful sailing week in the Danish South Sea.

The idea was quite simple: Two days of getting to know the boat, family sailing and relaxing on the water. Then reducing crew size and heading off to adorable Danish islands, enjoying some brilliant sailing in Denmark. Simple plan, simple actions (one tends to think).

fantastic sailing with a Dehler 31
fantastic sailing with a Dehler 31

We started off with the usual activities when chartering a boat: Handover, shopping food and drinks for the week, unpacking bags and playing around with the electronic equipment. Luckily – and that was exactly what we had been looking for – availability of this electronic paraphernalia was very limited: GPS, radio, small fridge, lights. Nothing else. Perfect.

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Long Weekend With A Varianta 18

Wind almost perfect, lots of sunshine, good company and excellent food. There is hardly anything else you can ask for when sailing a 18 ft boat in the Lübecker Bucht (Luebeck Bight) for a very long weekend.

How is that for starting a sailing weekend: air temperature 28°VA18_bow_water C, wind 2 bft, blue sky, and the forecast not seeing any major change coming. The only unknown for us (two chaps) was the boat, a Varianta 18, which we both had not sailed before.

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In Danish Waters With My FAM

A couple of days sailing in Denmark can make such a difference. And being on a tiny sailing boat while cruising the mighty seas of this planet automatically brings a major danger along with it: You could get addicted to this kind of sailing.

Horuphav, final preparations

Capriole had been my sailing boat (well, enlargened dinghy) for three years already before I went on this trip along the beautiful Danish island of Als, near the fjord of Flensburg. For sailing on the Baltic Sea, or rather sailing along the coasts of Germany and Denmark, Capriole was a rather tiny example of a sailing boat.

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