Beaches, Boats And Horses On Fehmarn

Keeping the kids busy and trying to avoid “death by boredom” (their wording) during school holidays can occasionally turn into a challenge. One week of this year’s Easter school holidays turned out to be as much fun for the parents as it was for the kids.

deserted beach on FehmarnOk, my kids are not really that bad when at home. They can go without parents for hours, only needing help when it comes to food and drink. This is usually fine for a couple of days, but two weeks can get very long in the end. So we spent one week of that Easter break near the Baltic Sea, an hour’s drive from home. It was on Fehmarn, one of my favourite islands round here.

It was the second week in April. Spring had not really arrived yet, sunshine and rain played hide and seek on an hourly basis. In addition to all that, a nasty cold wind was blowing – not really a combination to have the kids roam around outdoors. There was, however, not a single day with the kids asking for more action. The reason: horses!

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Fishing For Litter In North And Baltic Sea

Fishing for Litter - NABU - Class Schroeder
Fishing for Litter – NABU – Class Schroeder

In recent years, fishermen in the North Sea and Baltic Sea found that the volume of waste in their nets has increased steadily. To support them with disposing of that debris properly, the project “Fishing for Litter” (F4L) had officially been kicked off in the region of Schleswig-Holstein back in May 2011.

The initial talks between local fishermen, NABU and regional partners started in Burgstaaken on the island of Fehmarn. They quickly defined common goals and objectives. The speed of progress brought more fishermen, cities and their harbours in play.

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On Fehmarn With Backpack And Tent (2/2)

After 1,5 days on Fehmarn (first part of this post) it already felt like a longer holiday. Walking with heavy backbag was a lot better than anticipated. The big question remaining is: will strained Achilles tendons send me home early?

field of flowers next to trailOff I set from Lemkenhafen, after a revitalising extended lunch break the aim was to get to Strukkamphuk at the Southern end of Fehmarn. There I wanted to check fitness level and decide whether to continue walking today or start chilling at a nearby camping site. One of the first beautiful sights was – for a change – not related to water. It was a wonderful field of marguerites (I think – am not a botanical expert), speckled with the occasional red poppy. I was not the only one being impressed by that sight. Two young, pretty girls, standing in the field, enjoyed a photo shooting session with their mobiles.

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On Fehmarn With Backpack And Tent (1/2)

Ever since having spent two weeks camping on Fehmarn the “island of sunshine” has been tempting me to go for a longer walk near its shores. Now, finally, I have enjoyed three days of sunshine, exercise and the Baltic Sea.

For quite a while I had nurtured the thought of hiking on Fehmarn, well known for its very sunny and mild climate. When the chance of a long weekend away from kids and family came up I immediately cancelled everything showing up in the calendar and started packing.

hiking on Fehmarn - route of my three day trip
hiking on Fehmarn – route of my three day trip

“Do you really think this is a good idea?”, was one of the questions in my direction. The background to this doubtful asking: My gear was way too heavy for one person (e.g. tent for three people – but I love having that space), temperatures were increasing steadily, and Achilles tendons on both feet still troubled me seriously. Same as the broken little toe on the left foot. Ah well, they’ll be safe in the hiking boots, I thought…

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