Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage

A small island of happiness, a quiet spot, a personal retreat, a place of basic but light-hearted living: some friends’ summer cottage in Denmark.

summer_cottage_denmark_beach_skovmoseNo dishwasher, small shower, no bath, limited heating, sometimes really cold at night. That’s one side of the story. The positives, however, outweigh this many times over. Fresh air all day long, the Baltic Sea less than 100 metres away. 1.000 square metres of garden, green, flowers, trees, birds, rabbits and other wildlife. Twenty minutes before dinner you can still go for a short swim. The good night drink(s) you can have in the more than cosy wooden summer cottage, in the garden or on the beach – phew, choices to be made! Continue reading “Quiet Spot Danish Summer Cottage”

Cruising With Kids

Sailing around the world, kids on board, having the time of your life. Really? One who certainly knows is amazing Dini Martinez, s/v Happy Dancer. Enjoy her wonderful, inspiring and encouraging article.

cruising_with_kids_a_navigator_is_bornWe’ve been living aboard Happy Dancer, our Moody 425 centre cockpit sturdy sailing boat for over eight months now. We, that’s me, a 30 year old yogini from down under, a 34 year old Argentinean accountant aka Papa, and our 3.5 and 1.5 year old sons. The youngest one was a mere three months old when we sold all our belongings in Sydney and left Australia to sail through and from the Mediterranean Sea. Continue reading “Cruising With Kids”