Rounding Mount Gehrenberg On Tour “GuckinsLand”

Gehrenberg GuckinsLand bridgeOne day, all alone. During some time off from family duties while camping near Lake Constance, I took the chance and tackled a hiking tour round the Gehrenberg. It had been classified as difficult, required advanced fitness levels to complete the 468 metres difference in altitude on a 14,6 km circuit. So – what was it like?

The name of that one day tour round the Gehrenberg, “Guck ins Land”, translates to something like “peek into land”. There are, in fact, some view points where not only the remaining German territory towards Lake Constance can be seen but also glimpses of Switzerland and Austria. One brief tour, three countries. Or, if you were to believe Bavarian folks with their understanding of Bavarian independence, four countries. Continue reading “Rounding Mount Gehrenberg On Tour “GuckinsLand””

A Bit Of A “Reinfall”, The Rhine Falls

Rheinfall SchaffhausenMaybe the influence of not so sunny weather was having an effect on me, maybe I was just too busy looking after the kids, or many other maybes… but the Rhine Falls, the supposedly impressive and great falls near Schaffhausen in Switzerland, were a definite “Reinfall” (bummer, flop) for me.

The numbers are impressive indeed, and they make the Rhine Falls the biggest falls in Europe (by water volume):

Width of the Rhine Falls:  150 metres
Height of the Rhine Falls:  23 metres
Depth of basin:  13 metres
Age of the Rhine Falls:  app. 15.000 years
Capacity of flow in summer:  app. 600.000 litres per second
Capacity of flow in winter:  app. 250.000 litres per second.

However, numbers only don’t really impress me that much, I need to see for myself. While spending a family holiday at a great campsite near Lake Constance we drove all the way to Schaffhausen, Switzerland, to have  a closer look at those falls. The result was rather disillusioning, or more in the direction of something like really disappointing. Continue reading “A Bit Of A “Reinfall”, The Rhine Falls”