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The Race Is On… Lina’s Got A Boat

Woohee, she’s got a boat! Lina Rixgens is now ready to tackle the intensive and challenging Classe Mini regatta scene. She will sail on 732, a Pogo 2, and is well on her way to close in on her main target: the Mini Transat 2017.

Lina Rixgens all smiles on 732 first sailingFor more than a year she had talked to sponsors. At the same time Lina had looked at boats, trying to figure out how she could get out onto the water with and on a Mini all by herself. As mentioned in previous articles, she does not only want to sail around for leisure and pleasure. Her main objective is to complete the Mini Transat 2017 as the first German female sailor.

Things look a lot brighter now for this young sailor. Lina has already been on her first sailing weekend in Lorient and has enjoyed a marvellous couple of days on 732 mini doc, a Pogo 2. Where did this boat come from, and what are her immediate plans?

Lina’s plans for the next couple of weeks

To answer the latter first, Lina will be back in Lorient later on in March. She will sail and train for a few days before heading off for her first regatta as a Classe Mini skipper. Chris Lükermann, the previous owner of 732 (new name: mini doc), will join Lina on this double-handed regatta.

They will have an extra few days of sailing to complete the handover. Also, Chris will give Lina some additional hints on how to handle the boat in race conditions. The boat will in future be based in La Rochelle, also the starting point of the Mini Transat 2017.

Lina Rixgens enjoying the first day of sailing with Classe Mini 732
(c) Lina Rixgens

Have a look at Lina in the two pictures here. Can you see the same as me? Lina has had an extremely difficult time getting that huge smile out of her face. And no, she was not successful and simply kept on smiling all day long.

A lot of pressure seems to have fallen off her shoulders. Now she can concentrate on what she loves doing: sailing. She has detailed her training and regatta plan for the next two years. And as usual, she  remains very focused on sailing and racing in the Classe Mini (including having a half year break from her medical studies).

How she got the boat – and why Lina needs some more help

Classe Mini 732 in Lorient spring 2016
(c) Lina Rixgens

The boat she will sail on for the next two years is now owned by a small company called CPM Hubert Hell GmbH. Yes, that is my company and I am the man in charge. Why have I bought the boat? My intention was to help Lina to make it to the Mini Transat 2017. And to finish it, of course.

Initially I wanted to sail it myself. However, spare time (especially for sailing) is rather limited at the moment. I thought it might be a pretty good idea to get the boat I initially wanted and lend it to Lina for her campaign. And we will see what will happen in or after 2018.

This does not mean that now all is fine and settled for Lina. A boat is by all means one of the main items required if you want to compete in regattas. However, Lina still needs quite a lot of (ideally monetary) support so she can make it to the starting line.

If you would like to help with equipment, a donation or a larger sponsorship, please do get in touch with me so we can work something out.

In the meantime, please check out some of the links below. They are all related to Lina’s Mini Transat Campaign. Feel free to roam around those pages and let us have your feedback and comments. And please, do share with the rest of the world…

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Classe Mini 732 in Lorient spring 2016
(c) Lina Rixgens

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