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Walk Up The Mast During A Regatta

The Mini Transat quite regularly produces the most amazing stories of tragedy, glory, records and new-born heroes. One thing you don’t want to do, whatever your objective, is to walk up the mast during a regatta. Andreas Deubel had no other chance but do it – on day two.

Well, I am sure by now you have heard about the Mini Transat. It is a single handed regatta across the Atlantic – in sailing boats 6,5 metres long. Lina Rixgens is aiming to become the first German woman to finish the Mini Transat. And with one other sailing crazy contender, Andreas Deubel, I had talked about his challenges and problems regarding his Mini Transat campaign.

The first leg of the Mini Transat 2017 proved to be a tough one for various reasons. Lina has had some major troubles with the auto-pilot and the rudders. She needed to repair a broken rudder connection in severe weather and waves conditions just off Cape Finisterre. And that after having had hardly any (or rather: no) sleep for three days due to problems with the auto-pilot. Just before reaching Las Palmas, a calm kept her away from the finishing line. Some very exhausting twelve days, I am sure.

Walk up the mast – seasickness included

Andreas also had his share of troubles along the way. He managed to get into two extensive calms, very likely driving him close to jumping overboard. However, he also needed to walk up the mast on day two to sort out a bit of a disarrangement on top of the mast.

If you have climbed a mast in quiet conditions in a harbour – well done! But… imagine you are sailing single handed, in a regatta, your boat making good progress, and then you have to walk up the mast. That certainly does not sound like fun.

Andreas is a very experienced sailor with lots of miles on all sorts of boats. This forced activity, however, has challenged him immensely. Before his mast climb, he has radioed a nearby Mini sailor and asked to call for emergency help if he does not confirm being ok in 30 minutes.

Still, have a look at what he had to do, how fast the boat is going – and I think some congratulations are due… what do you think?

(apologies, video removed)

Next week Wednesday the second leg of the Mini Transat will start. Lina, Andreas and the rest will sail (race) from Las Palmas to Martinique.
Enjoy your Ocean crossing, have a safe trip & fair winds!

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