Autumn Wind In St. Peter-Ording

Spending five days in St. Peter-Ording – this certainly sounded like having fun. Hiking in the muds of the Wadden Sea, building sandcastles and letting the kids’ kite fly high. Well, that was the plan.

The North Sea and its beaches have their very own enchanting atmosphere – also, and especially, in autumn. Funnily enough, this inspirational thought is not something I came up with as the only person in the world, as restaurants and bars were still rather crowded. Lots of people walking along the sandy beach, showing themselves and everyone else around: We do like water, we do like the sea, even when it all is a bit colder in autumn.

Five out of five: it has rained on every single day in St. Peter-Ording. Not 24 hours, it was mostly dry throughout the day, but the occasional five minute shower gave a clear signal: Hey, this is not a summer holiday. However, nothing really to worry about, what is all the rain gear for after all?

water – gone; sun – gone

During the course of the second afternoon locals as well as restaurant owners started to pack away or tighten up all their garden and other outdoor stuff, giving a very clear message: A slightly stronger breeze was on its way. It started during the night, reached force 9 (Beaufort) in the morning and was still a solid 7 in the afternoon. Nice one.

St. Peter-Ording after the storm

Later on that day I wanted to have a closer look at what the wind had done with water and waves, so I strolled along the pedestrian bridge (more than a kilometer long) towards the water – very slippery, very windy, excellent. While struggling to keep my balance I realised I had forgotten mobile as well as camera, definitely a beginner’s mistake. A little more than an hour later I was soaking wet – well, my rain gear was, on the outside. Waves rolling in and spray flying horizontally would have been perfect targets for a small photo shooting – if a camera had been around.

The conclusion after that brief trip (no big news): Northern Germany’s beaches are worth a visit also in autumn, a stormy North Sea is nothing you want to be playing with, and unless you have some really properly made gear forget the kite… Building a sandcastle is fine, of course, until the next high tide takes it away again.

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