Lacking Vitamin Sea

beauty of the Baltic Sea
beauty of the Baltic Sea

My “Vitamin Sea” level is down to zero. Not good. Something is not going the way it is supposed to, at least when listening to the prioritisation list of my heart. Just winter blues? Or a really bad case of not enough vitamin sea?

As usual in the first quarter, the kids are down frequently with all sorts of virus and God knows what infections. The sun is blocked by clouds, most of the times at least. And it is either raining, freezing cold or, on a good day, just not nice enough to spend a lot of time outside.

Work keeps me away from Vitamin Sea

In addition to my whining above, I travel quite a fair bit for work right now. And that in what I call “the wrong direction”, i.e. away from the sea. I know, I shouldn’t complain, at least there is work, kids and the sea.

It would, however, be heavenly to have all three in one location. But that is a different story.

sunset beach St. Peter-OrdingListen to the sea calling, listen to your heart

The sea is calling, I can hear it ‘loud and clear’. All I would need to do is drop everything, catch a train and fulfil one of my heart’s biggest desires: listen to the sound of the waves, breath in salty air, feel the sand on my fingers, beneath my toes.

It is not only sailing that gives me such pleasure and peace of mind, it is also spending time near the sea.

The solution for today’s dilemma, for fighting my lack of vitamin sea, is quite simple. I will

That should do the trick for today and maybe also for the rest of the week. One of the upcoming weekends should allow for a brief trip to the shores of the Baltic Sea, so re-filling the internal level of sea-happiness is not too far away.

What do you do when some kind of “blues” hits you heavily?

2 Replies to “Lacking Vitamin Sea”

  1. A great and 100% efficient solution is to take a ticket to the Philippines! We have it all here! I can even guarantee the warm weather, how does this sound?
    OK, in the meanwhile, I ll prepare a special post just for your little Blues by the end of the week … Stay tuned! 🙂

    1. oh well, not all of us can have that wonderful life of yours… 😉
      Anyway, your last line sounds promising, I’ll certainly have a very close lookout for your post – cheer me up!!

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