Seekuh Ready For Cleanup Mission

Ok, it’s ugly. Compared to beautiful sailing boats the catamaran ‘Seekuh’ (Sea Cow) is a no go. It has, however, been built not for beauty but to get pollution in oceans out of the way. And that is what it will be doing soon, starting in Hong Kong harbour.

Seekuh in harbour (c One Earth - One Ocean)
Seekuh in harbour (c One Earth – One Ocean)

Back in March 2016 I have published some lines about the prototype being built (with a very colourful picture to go with it). Now construction of Seekuh has been completed.

It looks a bit strange indeed, or let’s say unusual. However, as soon as it is in action on the water I am sure it will find many friends.

The ship’s christening has taken place end of September 2016, and Seekuh is now ready to tackle its first challenge: Hong Kong harbour. The current plan is to get Seekuh to Hong Kong and into operating mode by January 2017.

One main problem during the design phase was: how to build it so that it can be used worldwide? A lot of thought has gone (also) into this and the solution is: It can be dismantled in easily transportable parts. With that shipping (or flying) it to anywhere on this planet is possible. Space required to get it from A to B: two standard shipping containers.

This catamaran, Seekuh, is the second in a planned three step approach to help clean up the mess with all that waste in oceans (or rather: waste in water). All three projects have some pretty cool names:

  1. first one around was Seehamster” (Sea Hamster)
  2. second one is “Seekuh” (Sea Cow)
  3. third one is in planning stage and will be called “Seeelefant” (Sea Elephant).

Especially Seeelefant could be a killer project: a large boat collecting loads of waste, fuelling itself in the process and creating energy for bases onshore. Sounds brilliant. The basic idea behind it is that waste in oceans is a potential source for energy. And as soon as the big energy companies get to understand how much money is floating around they will push developments and projects to help clean up. That’s the plan.

Seekuh front view (c One Earth - One Ocean)
Seekuh front view (c One Earth – One Ocean)

One trip allows Seekuh to collect up to two tons of garbage. In addition to its cleaning function it will be used for research and gathering environmental data and samples. It is 12m long, 10m wide and the costs are said to be around EUR 250.000.

The entire Seekuh-project is run by “One Earth – One Ocean“, an association and environmental group aiming to reduce the pollution in oceans. Seekuh has been funded primarily by donations, and I do hope its maiden assignment in Hong Kong will be successful. If it all works out as planned, then more catamarans of this type will very likely be built – various orders from Asia are in the pipeline.

Hong Kong is a bit too far away for me to have a look at how it will go. Instead, I might check out Seehamster and what it can do on rivers and lakes…

More environmental projects like this one to get waste out of our oceans?

There are dozens of projects like this one out there on our planet. Is there a project that has moved you, caught your attention and seems worth talking about? Please let me know and I’ll be happy to write about it (or publish your lines).

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