Some More Thoughts On “Waste In Oceans”

The title of this article, Waste In Oceans, brings up something like 120 million hits in Google (as of October 2015). Looks like this topic is being talked about. Is there also something being done about it?

marine debris on Hawaiian coast (Wikipedia)
marine debris on Hawaiian coast (Wikipedia)

For some strange reason, my article about the problem of plastic pollution in oceans has been clicked quite regularly in the past weeks, referred to from search engines. Awareness for this topic seems to have increased – which is good news indeed. My follow-up article on potential solutions for all that waste in oceans has not been so popular by lenghts.

So, do we all love to hear about the problems, talk about it, shake our heads and go to bed? Is looking at the problem more interesting than finding or working on a solution for it? Especially for such a major topic?

Probably yes. What do you think, any scientific reason for that, and what is your view on it?

Not all hope is lost

Fishing for Litter - NABU - Class Schroeder
Fishing for Litter – NABU – Class Schroeder

There are, of course, activities going on all over the world to get rid of that waste in oceans. Very well marketed big campaigns like The Ocean Cleanup or The Plastic Bank do a lot of good. And hundreds, thousands of smaller initiatives clean beaches, stop plastic or other debris from getting into the water. Or simply add a task to their daily work. Fishing For Litter is one of those, a great idea that is now spreading all over Europe. If only that were possible in all our daily lives…

NABU has provided some very good, very basic questions and answers on pollution and waste in oceans. It is an ideal starting point for getting into that topic. The simplicity of this piece seems to encourage interested folks to read on, unlike other websites with their tons of numbers and information.

And just in case you are wondering why I, besides my sailing and occasional hiking topic, keep talking about oceans, their pollution and all the debris in there: Here is one of my favourite youtube videos, very short, very intense, beautiful shots and a voice that is the absolutely perfect match for it. Enjoy!

Ok, this ist just a brief post with some thoughts on ocean pollution and a summary of past articles here on Active Outside. If there is a topic that interests you immensely, is (hopefully) of benefit to other readers and is related to Active Outside, then I can do some research and write an article about it. Or, it would be my pleasure, you can write it and I’ll publish it here in your name. Feel free.

Many thanks and have a great autumn (or spring, depending on where you are…)!

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