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Your Chance: Sailing On A Pogo 2

Have you ever dreamt of a pretty cool ride on an even cooler sailing boat? This is your chance: get onto a Classe Mini sailing yacht (Pogo 2) and race on the Atlantic. Lina Rixgens will take you out for a day you won’t forget.

approaching La Rochelle (c Lina Rixgens)
approaching La Rochelle (c Lina Rixgens)

No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced sailor, this is a great chance for something unusual. Spend a day on Classe Mini “732 mini doc” and see what it is like to sail on the Atlantic in a (more than safe) nutshell like this.

Starting point of your tour will be mini doc’s current home base, La Rochelle. Depending on tide, general weather forecast and wind Lina will plan (with you) the day’s approximate route. After some additional thorough preparation for the boat and yourself you will head off – and more than very likely have a grand time.

The boat: mini doc, a Pogo 2

Classe Mini 732 in Lorient spring 2016mini doc is a Pogo 2, built in 2008, and she has sailed across the Atlantic once so far (Mini Transat 2015). Having said “nutshell” above, here is some basic data for mini doc:

Length:  6,50m
Beam:  3,00m
Draught:  1,60m
Displacement:  850kg

I guess lots more can be read and found when looking for “Pogo 2” in your favourite search engine. mini doc has not been sailed and raced extensively since its launch, so it is in pretty good shape overall.

Some brief info about Lina Rixgens

Lina Rixgens has kicked off her Mini Transat CampaignLina is a World Championship experienced class Europe sailor, having moved onto Classe Mini in 2015. Her aim is to complete the extremely challenging and demanding Mini Transat 2017. Whenever she has some spare time between studying and training, she will gladly take guest sailors along for a trip on the Bay of Biscay.

So, what’s in it for you?

  • an amazing experience sailing on a Pogo 2 on the Atlantic / Bay of Biscay,
  • spend your time with a good humoured, young and relaxed sailing professional
  • get sailing hints and tips, especially on sailing with a Classe Mini yacht (or dinghy class Europe)
  • receive a pretty cool polo-shirt with “732 mini doc” printed on it
  • this offer is for max. two guests on board of mini doc.

What about the price?

We are not here to make big money with offering this sailing opportunity. We also understand that the price of EUR 250,- per day sounds like a lot (this is for max. two people). It will, however, help Lina to get to the starting line of the Mini Transat 2017. She still needs quite a bit of funding, and this is your chance to help plus get something in return for yourself.

Sounds like a great deal? It is!

Next steps?

  • all you need to do now is get in touch with me (please use the contact form below)
  • let me know your favourite day(s) and time (a couple of options would be ideal)
  • I will check Lina’s availability
  • and get back to you as soon as possible.

You have booked a day sailing on a Pogo 2, what next?

Another bullet list for follow-up steps:

  • I will confirm date & time plus receipt of funds
  • you will receive a list of what to bring along (e.g. offshore sailing clothes, sunglasses, etc.)
  • once you let me know your preferred polo-shirt size I will either send it to you or you will receive it from Lina on sailing day
  • after your day sailing on Pogo 2 mini doc I would more than eagerly get your impressions, a brief story, some pics; ideally including a comment in the direction of “when can I go again?” or “Mini Transat is a crazy idea”…

Any questions?

Whatever your questions might be, please feel free to contact me. Usually I will get back to you within 24 hours.

And here is the contact form for you:

— sorry, offer closed —

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